What questions is worries the citizens of Uzbekistan?

Right after the publication on June 8, 2017 on the official Internet resources of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the information message on holding a direct dialogue of the Uzbek Foreign Minister with his fellow citizens on July 5, 2017, the ministry began receiving letters via the virtual reception desk, e-mail muloqot@tiv.uz, the Facebook page , "Telegram".
The analysis of the received appeals showed that most of them are related to such issues as:
- the return to their homeland of citizens who were abroad without documents and financial means;
- recovery of alimony for the maint of children whose parents are hiding abroad;
- search for relatives who left the territory of Uzbekistan;
- assistance to citizens convicted in other countries;
- delivery of bodies of citizens who died outside their homeland;
- assistance in leaving;
- withdrawal from the citizenship of Uzbekistan;
- employment in the MFA system.
Quite a few issues related to the foreign policy of our country. The main interest is given to topics relating to Uzbekistan's relations with neighboring countries, in particular the course of delimitation and demarcation of external borders.
All incoming applications are registered, reported and taken under the personal control of the Minister. After consideration in accordance with the established procedure, citizens will receive official answers and appropriate comments.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs thanks all representatives of domestic and foreign media outlets that detailed the information message of June 8, which significantly increased the audience of the forthcoming dialogue of the Uzbek Foreign Minister with fellow citizens, and looks forward to further interested cooperation.